Dr. Rebecca Howard

             Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

       Therapy Services Provided for Adults 


work with adults who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar or schizophrenic disorders that affect their ability to maintain family relationships or work.  Symptoms related to anxiety or depression seen in adults include: excessive worry, difficulty focusing at work, lack of interest in activities, sadness, and changes in sleep or mood.

Many clients I see seek therapy to help them understand and recover from a trauma. This includes children and adults who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse. I have a special focus on helping the client find the strengths that helped the client through the traumatic event and how to use these strengths to promote safety and healing.   

Additionally, I focus with adults on incorporating a personal exploration by utilizing an individual’s creative intelligence and interests and using these strengths. Opening the door to understanding oneself benefits relationships with partners, family, and friends and provides a strong personal foundation for the future.




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